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Why are Indian sweets still considered healthy and nutritious?


Indians are known for their love for sweets. They love little sweet treats at every occasion. Be it good news, a marriage or childbirth or just some dessert after dinner. Sweets are a big part of our country’s food industry. No one can say no to sweets and sweet treats. It brings in joy and happiness to the ambience. How about sitting with your family and enjoying a box of your favorite sweets. Say gulab jamun leads to a light mood and a talkative evening. Desserts are our bonding factor. We all love to go out for an ice-cream with our family and friends.

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Importance of Sweets-

Indian sweets also called mithai are part of our culture. It is carried on from a long long time. We believe even our God and Goddesses love to have sweets and even today when we pray we offer them boxes of sweets, we never offer them salty things before, we always offer them sweets. Whenever we have good news to share we always take a box of sweets to the temple or the God we believe in. Sweets are said to be auspicious and bring in good luck. Whenever we leave for some important work or we start off something new then it is believed to have something sweet and then leave the house. This is said to bring good luck and maintain positivity. 

Real recipes-

Sweets are part of our culture as well as our taste. It is an inseparable part of our past and present. We still follow our traditional recipes that were created by our ancestors. There are many sweet houses that have tried to follow the real recipes created by milk, khoya, sugar,rabri and other ingredients including kesar, pistas and malai. These ingredients make Indian sweets irresistible and amazing. 

Feel and Taste-

Then to cover the top, the makers used to cover it with silver vark. The authentic sweets have their own feel and taste. It is unmatchable by normal chocolates and candies. Though we are more diverted towards it, kids are more fond of chocolates and sweets. They prefer chocolates over Indian sweets. 

Currently, there is a popular notion that Indian sweets are unhealthy. It contains loads of sugar and high-calorie dairy products. Even dieticians and doctors do not recommend it on a regular basis. This is not true, though consuming anything on a regular basis may create problems. Well, that is not true for only sweet things. If you have excess fried food then also there will be an increase in cholesterol and blood pressure.Similarly, if you have more heavy food, then again there will be problems in the digestive system. So, it  is important to have everything in a limited amount. The excess of anything will always create a problem. 

Wholesale Manufacturers Kaju Barfi-

Well, it is on us how to have the sweets? There are few sweets that are considered healthy and better for health. Say Mewa bites are made up of dry fruits and less sugar. It is nutritious for health and also satisfies the sweet tooth. Even kaju barfi with low sugar content is good to eat. So, if you want to have sweets you may ask for customized sweets. If you are interested in gifting healthy sweets to your friends and family, then you may ask the wholesale manufacturer of kaju barfi to customize the sweets for you and get the platters packed for your gifting. 

Rather than picking up the problem, we should find an alternative. There is no need to replace the Indian sweets with chocolates or cookies, it is our responsibility as Indians to promote healthy sweets. If these sweets are prepared with controlled sugar and dairy they can turn into healthy bites. There are a large number of wholesale manufacturers of kaju barfi that customize the sweets according to the taste and preference of the customers. 

They offer and prepare them as they like. The Indian sweets are our pride rather than demoting it we should alter it a bit to make it healthier and delicious. 

Make Indian sweets healthier-

Are you wondering how to make Indian sweets healthier? There are few replacements we can make and get a range of exotic sweets. We can replace normal sugar with brown sugar. It will help to reduce the calorie content. When we talk about dairy, full fat milk can be replaced by low-fat milk or almond milk. This may not affect the taste of the sweets. We can add more dry fruits that are nutritious for our health. Then the manufacturers can use interesting ingredients including sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and prepare exotic sweets that are nutritious and helpful even in weight loss. 

We hope that you will value Indian sweets more than the other chocolates and cookies. 

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