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Best things about healthy sweets

Sweets and health do not get along. Many times we have heard from doctors or dieticians to quit sugar sweets in order to have a toned and healthy body. The sweets are linked with health problems like obesity, weight gain, diabetes and if it severely persists then it may also lead to cardiac issues.

Mix fruit crunch

Though having anything in moderation is absolutely fine, but the excess damages. So, if one is having sweets in moderation then it is okay. Added to a regular diet then is a questionable. Firstly, it will increase the weight, then it will lead to obesity and leading to further elaborated problems. 

Keeping all these consequences in consideration, the doctors and dieticians suggest to quit sugar or sweets at the early stages or in mid-thirties. If one is not able to completely quit it then it is advisable to have it in moderate quantities. Having a piece of sweets or cake once every three-four days is fine, but having three to four pieces of sweets everyday can raise the problem. This is like having excessive sweet content, it will harm your health. If you are health conscious then you may pick up exercising regularly then you may balance it. Otherwise, it is a problem.

So, how to solve this problem? We Indians are totally into sweets. Sweets integrated in culture. We have sweets or mithai for all the holy, auspicious and happy occasions. With every good news everyone offered a box of sweets. We always have a box of sweets in our household. Also, we have a habit of having a piece of sweets while coming in or going out. We cannot imagine any festival or happy occasion without sweets. 

In Custom sweets are known as a good omen. It helps us to lift our moods and spread happiness along. So, we cannot imagine our lives without sweets. The point is how to manage or balance sweets and our lifestyle. 

Well, to be very honest, nothing can replace the taste of authentic Indian sweets. They have this unique amazing flavour blended with milk, kesar, sugar. There is no match of real taste, but now there are many innovative sweets that healthier, crunchier and made up of specific ingredients. These luxurious sweets very nutritious and recommended by doctors and dieticians also.

If we want to continue to have sweets then you must shift to healthier options. Are you wondering if there are any healthy options to replace the traditional Indian sweets? 

These luxurious sweets basically made from less sugar and nutritious mix including dry fruits, mix fruit crunch, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds. So, there is an array of amazing sweets that keeps you healthy. 

Well, with these innovative sweets, there has been a major shift in the trend, now people are aware about the luxurious sweets. They understand these sweets are healthier as compared to the traditional sweets. 

Now, the people have started distributing luxurious sweets to their friends and relatives. As earlier Indian traditional sweets were much in demand now the demand has shifted to luxurious sweets. People prefer mix fruit crunch over Gulab Jamun or barfi and if you are wondering why then it is evident that people like luxurious sweets more than the traditional. There is a big shift in demand because it is nutritious and one can have it easily, on the other side traditional sweets waste, after having a piece or two one has to dispose it off, it cannot be had regularly. 

Why do people prefer modern sweets over Traditional Sweets?

  • Firstly, traditional sweets made of mainly milk, and sugar. It is a high-calorie food and regular consumption increases the sugar level of the consumer. Hence, it is not so advisable to have it. On the other side, modern sweets crafted with exotic ingredients including dry fruits, brown sugar that are nutritious for our health in comparison to the traditional one. 
  • Another reason is the taste. We have been having traditional sweets for a long time now, modern sweets introduced a few years back, so people are eager to explore something different and unique. Say, they are well-aware about the taste of jalebi and gulab jamun, but they are eager to taste mix fruit crunch, or cocktail bite or kaccha mango bite. They are new in the market and everyone wants to try them. 
  • Modern sweets considered high-end. They are more expensive than the traditional sweets. So, this is another reason people are eager to give the range of modern sweets to their friends and family. It is because it is new, exotic and also on the higher range. 

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