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Set-up a luxurious platter of Dessert with a combination of Indian and Foreign Sweets

Desserts consist of one of the most important and satisfying courses of the meal. Every meal is incomplete without a dessert. A dessert can be a simple piece of sweet, mithai or a bite of a chocolate, it literally completes the meal and satisfies your sweet tooth. Well, some dessert  like paan, or a piece of gur is also considered beneficial for health and helps to digest the food you have added. Though some desserts like cakes and sweets add calories to your body.

Mix fruit crunch

Well, that does not mean that you cannot have any type of dessert or you have to stick to only healthy ones. Choice of the desserts totally depends upon person to person. Some people prefer completely healthy choices including gur, paan and so on while others like to have a variety of desserts like ice-creams or cakes or puddings or sweets. No matter what you have it is important to have it in moderation. Excess of everything spoils or leads to harmful effects on our health. 

Maintain your health-

Well, we all are aware about the health benefits of our choices. Eating healthy is very difficult but very rewarding, on the other hand if you make unhealthy choices it is easy and tasty (no doubt) but again it brings to the problems including obesity and other health issues. So, if you want to maintain your health and be active, then moderation is the key to survival. This way you will not lose your taste buds and also enjoy great and better health. 

Well, thinking about how to follow moderation with your dessert, it is quite easy, you can fix particular days when you can eat whatever you like and while the other days when you can simply have healthy options. It can be on weekends you can have amazing desserts like your favorite cake, brownies, chocolates, jalebis and all while on the other weekdays you may enjoy healthy and nutritious options including mix fruit crunch bites or gur or paan or dry fruit bites, that are comparatively nutritious and also solves the purpose.

So, look for moderation plans rather than wasting or staking your health issues. The control on sweets is very important as a person ages and it is quite important to follow a moderate diet that will help you to remain healthy and you will not have to leave anything in future. 

This is all about the basic routine days, but you may create an exclusive and amazing platter of desserts for your guests. You can too have cheat days where you can enjoy the goodness of an amazing and exclusive dessert platter.

Let us dig into it and prepare a mix and match of amazing Indian and foreign dessert platters. The amazing dessert platters gel well with the dinner parties on different occasions. It adds brightness to the dinner and eating sweets together is real fun. 

Here we bring you some exotic platters that you may combine on your dinner parties-

Authentic Indian Sweets with ice-cream-

Yes! Ice-cream can be added to almost everything and look out for the magic. You can prepare a platter of Indian sweets of gulab jamun, jalebi and add a scoop of ice-cream with them and see the magic. It gels really well with the hot and cold combination. Taking a bite of ice-cream with jalebi lends a blast of sweet flavours in the mouth. So, do not forget to try this amazing combination of Indian sweets with the ice-cream. Try it out, we are sure every sweet lover will like it.

A platter of nutritious desserts-

Well, if you are hosting a group of people who are very health conscious then you may opt for a platter of healthy desserts including mix fruit crunch, pan, gur, dry fruit bites, mewa bites, seeds or less sweet porridge. These all include some of the healthy dessert options that one can enjoy at a dinner party without being guilty about it. So, prepare a healthy platter and impress your guests with their choices. Trust us they will feel happy and fulfilled by looking at such healthy varieties.

A mix platter-

Another option can be to prepare a mix platter of both Indian and foreign desserts all together. You may start with ladoo, gulab jamun, jalebi, kheer and all and combine it with cakes, puddings, brownies, ice-creams. The mix platter will give them plenty of choice to choose from. You may also add a few healthy options including mix fruit crunch, or paan or gur. So, those who want to be healthy can easily have it without disturbing others.

We hope you have liked our combinations and you will definitely try them while having the next dinner party at your home.

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