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Why do you new generation Modern Sweets over Traditional Sweets?


No doubt we all love to have sweets. Sweets are loved all over the world. People love to have sweets, it cheer-up our mood. There are different types of sweets, cakes and chocolates found all over the world. People love to indulge in sweet temptations. Sweets are a sign of good news, happiness and joy. We cut cakes to celebrate our birthdays, anniversaries and occasions. Sweetness adds more sweetness to the occasion. 

Mewa bites Wholesaler

We as Indian people have a special love for sweets. Sweets are an inseparable part of Indian culture. We have them to share our good news, we have them as desserts. India has a long history of sweets. As it is a diverse country, different places have different types of food and cuisines. Different cities have unique sweets.

For example

Kolkata is famous for Rasgulla, or Peda from Mathura, Ladoo from Punjab and many others. There are a lot of Indian traditional sweets such as peta, barfi, kaju katli, jalebi and the list goes on and on. 

We consider having sweets auspicious. Whenever we have something important to start with, say we are opening a new shop or we are going to appear for an important examination we just start them by having a bite of sweets. We believe heavy sweets will instantly be a mood lifter and anything that starts with sweetness will go well. 

Integrated part of our tradition-

There is also a tradition that we have  to start inviting guests to marriage or any other auspicious occasion we always bring by offering sweets to God or Goddesses or our Guru first and then we start inviting others. So, the sweets are quite an integrated part of our tradition as well. 

Indians love to have sweets, more than salty food items, we are fond of sweet food items. Our meals are incomplete without sweets. We have a special course for sweets, that is we can have it anytime, while leaving for the office, while coming back,or when kids come from school, when we are ideal and do not have anything to do, we can just have sweets. So, it is pretty clear that we Indians just love sweets like anything. 

Well, no doubt there is a love for sweets among all of us, but now there is a huge shift in the taste and demand for the sweets. Now is the age of modern sweets, people nowadays have a special corner for modern sweets. 

You must be wondering what modern sweets are? Well, originally the sweets contained a high quantity of sugar, dairy products including milk, khoya, paneer and so on. These no doubt were really delicious, but they are higher in calories. The extra sweets or having a sweet tooth means gaining weight. Continuous habit of having sweets can lead to weight gain and obesity. So, it is important that the traditional sweets should be had in moderation only. Well, modern sweets are a little distinct from it. They are prepared with less sugar and more nutrition keeping in mind the demand and taste of the youngsters.

Mewa bites-

Say, mewa bites, they come in small pieces prepared with interesting ingredients including dry fruits, low sugar or brown sugar, fruit essence or dried form of fruits with interesting seeds including pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and so on. These sweets are not fried but baked. The baking also does not add extra calories. So, firstly these sweets do not harm us, rather they are healthy in comparison to traditional sweets.

Moreover people are now health conscious and they try to avoid unhealthy food. Lastly, but importantly, they  taste quite different. Yes! The modern sweets are exclusively delicious and not easy to resist. So, here are a few reasons why modern sweets are more preferred to traditional ones. 

Mewa Bites Wholesalers-

Now, with the change in taste, there is a shift in demand too. There is a spike in orders for mewa bites wholesalers and now it is one of the favourite inclusions for inviting people. Also, people are opting for mewa bites as gifting options during the holiday season. So, there is a huge visible shift in the demand for mewa bites.

This huge demand shift can also be confirmed from the mewa bites wholesaler, who are focusing on preparing modern sweets as compared to the traditional ones. It is evident from the recent culture that the mewa bites wholesalers are having a gala time fulfilling the increased demand. This shift has changed the scenario of Indian sweets. Now, we are also using amazing flavors including chocolate, brownies, various fruits including kiwi, mango, kaccha aam etc. Now, the Indian sweets are not restricted to similar flavors, we are out to experiment and have an amazing array of sweets. 

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