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Indian Sweets are perfect New Year Gift for your foreign Friends

As the New Year is just around the corner, this is the time to celebrate, to rejoice and start off with new beginnings. This is an auspicious time where we give and share sweets with each other. The new year marks the beginning of new things, new months, new ventures and a lot more. It is the time we promise ourselves to make amendments in our lives. We make various resolutions, because we want to change our lives to make it better and more worthwhile. 

best bites for Packings

Some people may be resolute to start an exercise routine, or some may say they will diet or follow a healthy lifestyle. Whatever may be the reason or resolution, new year is often considered a wonderful time to start something new. We all tend to start new years with something sweet that can bring good luck and positivity in our lives. Sweets refresh the mood and bring in contentment and happiness.  

Well, in Indian society we do not consider it an occasion to gift and distribute sweets, but as per the foreign culture the Christmas and New Years is a big holiday for them. Christmas followed by the New Year is a similar festive season as Diwali is for we Indians. The foreign culture celebrates

Christmas with full pomp and show. They joyously celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ who came down to earth to save humanity and human life. So, they rejoice together and keep up the spirits during their festivals. This is the real time they relax a bit and enjoy the festivities.

So, if you have foreigner friends or colleagues then it is the perfect time to share greetings with them or share a box of sweets to your friends. If you do so, it seems that you are respecting their culture and beliefs. They will feel more welcomed and comfortable with you or at your office. This will help you to form a cordial bond with them. Making cordial relationships is key to successful office relations and leading a team. Gifting through the small range will also help them to have an idea about your Indian culture. They will also be able to establish a connection with the new country they are living in.

Are you confused about what you are going to give your foreign friends? Well, the best gift is Indian sweets. Yes! The foreigners have a special love for Indian mithais. They enjoy Indian delicacies with love and curiosity. You get them a box of mixed Indian sweets filled with different exotic sweets including rasgulla, ladoo, barfi and gulab jamun. There are special sweet boxes prepared for festivals and enjoy festivities. You can even give them healthy Indian delicacies including mewa bites. These are the best bites for packings.

They are small bite-like bites available in different flavors. There is a range to choose from walnut bites, cocktail bites, or dry fruits. You can also get fruit flavored bites that are made from fruit extracts. These are healthy in comparison to Indian sweets. These bites can also be stored for a long time for a time period of 15 to 30 days. On the other hand, Indian mithais are good and fresh for 3 to 5 days. So, if you opt for the bites then they can enjoy it for a long time.

So, if you choose the best bites for packing then you can change from a variety of flavored bites. You can easily choose a mix of flavored bites where they can enjoy all types of bites. We are sure they will enjoy it better.

Well! Sweets are one part of the gift, you can also give them something along with it. It can be a handicraft specially made in India or something that is symbolifies India. 

Here are few ideas that you can gift your foreign friends-

  • Indian Clothes-
    • If your friends are interested in Indian clothes then you can give them a range of kurtis or kurtas for your male and female friends. They will be able to enjoy different looks. You can also give banarasi sarees to your female friends who are interested in Indian dresses.

  • Indian made Handicrafts-
    • There are certain handicrafts that are specifically made in India. For example wooden pen stands, brass show pieces. You can easily pick something useful and beautiful to share your love with them. 

  • Spices-
    • India is known for the quality spices. You can give them various pickles that they can enjoy with their food or murabas that they can have. If they like spicy food then you can share various spices or mixtures with them. So that they can easily make Indian food at home. 

    Share sweets and gifts with foreign friends this coming New Year!

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