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Celebrations are the best part of our lives. We should never miss any occasion to celebrate our happy times. Happy times are the special times we understand the real meaning of our lives. It is are our achievements and celebrating it with others is sharing our happiness and love with our friends and family.  best bites for box packings Childbirth is a beautiful occasion, it is a new life coming to the

Introduction- India is a land of sweets and mithai. Different places share a number of flavours and delicious delicacies. Every state has their own sweets. As Agra is known for Peta, Kolkata is known for Rasgulla and Ras Malai, Punjab is known for Ladoo and Kala Khandh, Rajasthan is known for its Ghewar. So, all the states have their own speciality and the whole country enjoys an array of amazing sweets. wholesale

With winters knocking our doors, it is the season to be lazy, to relax and to relish desserts. What would be the winter season without sweets? We all love to sit in our beds and enjoy sweet bites at our own comfort. No doubt we know that we may gain weight or put on extra calories but still we cannot resist ourselves from having sweet delicacies.  How about having a hot

Introduction- Diwali is one of the biggest festivals enjoyed by the Indians. We all wait for Diwali. This festival reminds us about our roots and traditions. The occasion of Diwali is celebrated to rejoice when lord Rama returns from his ‘vanvas’ along with wife Sita and brother Lakshaman. We all believe it is the time when God is visiting our place and sharing their blessings with us. Sweets for Festivals- This festival signifies

Sweets- Sweets are an integral part of Indian society. No matter what, we love to eat sweets. In India sweets known as ‘Mithai’. Mithai are the traditional form of Indian sweets. Generally, these sweets are prepared With the exotic ingredients including milk, khoya, sugar and dry fruits. It is not that Indians have only one kind of sweets. They love a variety of sweets. There is an exotic range to choose