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Sweets- No doubt we all love to have sweets. Sweets are loved all over the world. People love to have sweets, it cheer-up our mood. There are different types of sweets, cakes and chocolates found all over the world. People love to indulge in sweet temptations. Sweets are a sign of good news, happiness and joy. We cut cakes to celebrate our birthdays, anniversaries and occasions. Sweetness adds more sweetness to

Introduction- Indians are known for their love for sweets. They love little sweet treats at every occasion. Be it good news, a marriage or childbirth or just some dessert after dinner. Sweets are a big part of our country’s food industry. No one can say no to sweets and sweet treats. It brings in joy and happiness to the ambience. How about sitting with your family and enjoying a box of

Sweets and health do not get along. Many times we have heard from doctors or dieticians to quit sugar sweets in order to have a toned and healthy body. The sweets are linked with health problems like obesity, weight gain, diabetes and if it severely persists then it may also lead to cardiac issues. Mix fruit crunch Though having anything in moderation is absolutely fine, but the excess damages. So, if